'Eye To Eye' Launch party on the 31st August 2013 at Speedy Grandma!!!!!
For sale elsewhere soon after that!
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Path (2012) -new!

I Grew Up With Mr Bull (2011)

The Cave (2010)

Summer Dreams (2010)

The World Is Ours (2009)

New Challenger (2009)

Mystery In The Park (2008)

Galactic Adventure (2008)

I Am Immediate (2008)

Monsterous Ayla (2007)


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'Hum' (2012) -new!

'Across Space, Across Time' (2012)

'Other Place' at SWU University (2011)

Halloween Long Table (2010)

City Exhibition Bangkok (2010)

The Box Collective (2010)

Cake Baking (2010)

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